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Pavel Klein, MD

Director, Mid-Atlantic Epilepsy and Sleep Center

Jonathan Ross, MD

Neurologist, Mid-Atlantic Epilepsy and Sleep Center

Our Neurologists Offer Innovative Medical, Dietary & Surgical Treatments for Neurology and Epilepsy Conditions. When Nothing Else Works... Call Us. We Can Help.

The Neurologists at the Mid-Atlantic Epilepsy and Sleep Center offer specialized neurologist care for patients with epilepsy, sleep disorders, and general neurological conditions using the most advanced treatments available. To accomplish this, we combine the academic excellence normally provided at large universities with the personal attention of a private medical practice. With this model in mind, our physicians use their experience in clinical research when making recommendations to patients. As a result, we provide cutting edge treatment options and the best epilepsy care in the DC and Mid-Atlantic region.

Most importantly, an exclusive advantage of our practice is our patients can participate in clinical trials (click here to view our current ongoing trials). By providing these trials, our neurologists make new medications available to their patients that are not yet available at other neurology offices.  Therefore, patients with epilepsy can trial potentially life-saving treatments that are not available elsewhere. So, if you have treatment resistant epilepsy, refractory epilepsy, or recurrent seizures – call us, we can help. More information on our epilepsy treatment services is here.


Pavel Klein, MD: Initiating Conversations on Changing Treatment Strategy  //  November 6, 2020