Very Professional and Efficient. Dr. Ross was very patient and relayed information in very accessible terms.

March 2020

He is perfect.

March 2020

Dr. Ross is GREAT. Let's Go Chelsea!

Michale D.
March 2020

Great Office - - Staff & Physicians

Robert W.
March 2020

Thorough Care. Very Professional

Konrad P.
March 2020

Very lovely. I felt I was in good hands.

Linda N.
February 2020

Professionalism is GREAT!!

E. Herndon
February 2020

Everything about scheduling and the visit went so smoothly.

Mallory G.
February 2020

I often address Dr. Pavel Klein as "Deity" because he performed miracles on me. Since 2015. I've been having TIA (mini strokes) like episodes (dizziness, emesis, inability to move, BP over 200/100. I've been in the ER and hospitals numerous times, have seen 3 reputable neurologists and numerous other specialists, but nobody could identify my problem. In 09/2017 I was referred to The Mid-Atlantic Epilepsy Center For Sleep Study. Dr. Pavel Klein performed the most thorough neurological tests on me and he identified that I have polyneuropathy and gate ataxia. He suspects that my TIA like episodes were triggered by my anti-hypersensitive drug. He asked my cardiologist to take me off this drug for a trial period. In addition I was diagnosed with sever obstructive sleep apnea and Dr. Klein presscribed a CPAP machine. The longer period I was sleeping with the CPAP machine and was drug free, the healthier I became. Following Dr. Klein's treatment plan, my health improved dramatically. Since 12/2017 I did not have any emesis, ataxia episodes. I was able to travel and for an 88 year old I live a fairly normal lifestyle. Many thanks to Dr. Klein and staff.

Dr. Attila Kadar
February 2020

Dr. Klein Is A Very Nice Attentive, Caring Doctor. His Staff Reflects His Professionalism.

Shamella G.
January 2020

Very Friendly Front Desk.

January 2020

Most Streamlined Doctor's Office I've Experienced. Great Staff & Great Doctor!

Marisa J.
January 2020

They Always Help Me, In All Aspects Related To My Health Issues.

Jamie F.
January 2020

Very Professional & Friendly. Always Feel Very Good When I Leave And Are Grateful for Finding You In My Life.

Karim E.
January 2020

Thank You. Great.

Rosmary L.
January 2020

Because They Are So Professional And Kind.

Oshirit Y.
January 2020

Nice & Clean Environment. Lovely People. All Of Them.

Bettie M.
January 2020

A Very Enjoyable Experience. The Tech Was Very Sweet & Dr. Klein Was Very Professional & Seemed Both Concerned & Knowledgeable.

Clara A.
December 2019

Marc Is The Absolute Best!

Mable D.
December 2019

Very Satisfied.

Ina B.
December 2019

Your Office And Practice Is Very Much Top Quality!

Laura S.
December 2019

Dr. Ross Was Amazing. More Concerned About My Issues Than Multiple Dr's Over The Last 3 Years!

Anne G.
December 2019

Have Always Had Excellent Experiences w/Dr. Klein!

Megan S.
December 2019

Very nice & show care for patients!

Bailey S.
December 2019

Dr. Klein is a patient, thoughtful and an exceptional doctor. His staff is excellent as well.

Brian McLaughlin
December 2019

As a new patient I felt comfortable that care would be good at all levels.

P. E. Bustini
December 2019

We had a great experience. The staff is excellent - friendly and very accommodating. Dr. Ross is extremely friendly, knowledgeable and caring. Thank you!

Shahirodelt Daneshever
December 2019


Jamal Francois

Dr. Klein Takes Good Care Of His Patients. Cares To The Point of Calling During The Weekends To Check In To Change Medications.

Ana M. Luceuli

Dr. Klein Is Very Thorough. Very Good Follow Up. Haven't Had A SZ In 2 Years. Staff Very Professional And Courteous.

Erin Horman

Dr. Klein Is An Angel. The Team Is Amazing.

Q. Dantro

I Was Super Early And Camille Was so Helpful & Understanding. Helped Me Make The Most Of My Visit.

Midrelle Carrington

Great Doctors And Staff. Easy Access.

Noemie Bismut

He's So Easy To Deal With. Very Nice To The Patient.

Soublan Vogel


Norma Allewell

Everyone Has Been So Wonderful, Especially Dr. Klein.

Teresa Malone

Was Fantastic Staff & Doctor. Excited To Come Back Again!

Raquel Sweeney

Excellent Concern And Follow Up. Johnathan Says "I Like Dr. Klein"

Johnathan Traum

Muy Buen Doctor Muy Amables Los Recepcionista. Gracious Por Explicainos.

Edgar Garcia

Dr. Klein was highly recommended to me. I found Dr. Klein to be extremely knowledgeable, patient and caring. I had been suffering from insomnia and migraines for 20+ yrs. Both conditions had been getting progressively worse, to the point where I was getting migraines daily and I went months without a good nights' sleep. My internist had prescribed several medications but none worked. After spending considerable time with me and asking me many questions, Dr Klein prescribed one medication. My results: I sleep 8-9 hrs every night and I get far fewer migraines. The quality of my life has increased dramatically. I wish I had seen him years ago!